ECMerge Standard (Mac OS X)

ECMerge Standard (Mac OS X) 2.5.187

Compare and merge images, files and folders

ECMerge Standard (Mac OS X) is used to compare and merge images, text files, and folders. This software does fast comparisons, merges information and provides maximum productivity.

It is able to quickly compare files and folders from different programs and locations such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Text, RTF documents, FTP/FTPS and SCC.

It can compare a great number of files due to its built in converter Xtract. ECMerge Stardard (Mac OS X) is capable of generating reports in Patch, XML, HTML, Text, and CSV.

It is available in different languages. The comparison of information is done in a fast, reliable automated manner. ECMerge Standard (Mac OS X) contains a large number of options in the contextual menu.

This saves time because you don't need to type text. This software fits a wide variety of comparison and merging circumstances in personal and professional use.

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ECMerge Standard (Mac OS X)


ECMerge Standard (Mac OS X) 2.5.187

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